Wired: UPDATE: U.S. Wants Less Net Anonymity

[ This is not just a minor update on the previous Wired story
with the same headline, by the same author — it is completely new
content – LT ed. ]

“The ease of hiding one’s identity on the Net is giving police
migraines and justifies providing broad new powers to law
enforcement, the White House says in a forthcoming report.”

“Police should be able to determine the source of hacker
attacks or ‘anonymous emails that contain bomb threats,’ states the
200 KB document prepared by a high-level working group chaired by
Attorney General Janet Reno.”

“A White House spokesman said the report is being finalized and
‘should be released very soon.’ “

“The Working Group on Unlawful Conduct on the Internet, which
Clinton created in August 1999 to consider new laws or educational
programs, includes senior administration officials such as FBI
Director Louis Freeh, Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, Commerce
Secretary William Daley, and representatives from the military,
DEA, and Secret Service.”