BW: ADIC Brings Linux into SAN Data Sharing Applications

“CentraVision Supports Data Sharing for Collaborative

“Advanced Digital Information Corporation (Nasdaq:ADIC)
announced today that it is bringing Linux servers into Storage Area
Network (SAN) data sharing applications by supporting the
fast-growing operating system with ADIC’s CentraVision File-sharing
System (CVFS).”

“The new support will mean that Linux systems for a wide range
of applications will be able to use SANs to share consolidated
storage, increase workflow efficiency, and eliminate both bandwidth
bottlenecks and the need for redundant data. Linux is rapidly
gaining favor for a range of applications including web hosting,
collaborative data analysis, and enterprise computing. With the new
Linux support, CFVS will be the first SAN file-sharing system to
allow data sharing down to the individual file level both for
single-platform networks and heterogeneous systems that combine
UNIX, Windows NT, and Linux servers.”

Press release