CNET News.com: Microsoft outlines Windows 2000 pricing

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“Software makers require a license for each “seat,” or PC
system, on which a given product is installed, typically charging
fees on a sliding scale that decreases as volume increases.
Microsoft requires companies to pay for a license for each employee
relying on Windows for services like network file storage or
printing, but has not charged for Internet or Intranet access. In
the future the software giant will also count Web surfers from the
outside world who require “authorized ” access.”

“When it debuts in February, Windows 2000 Professional will sell
for an estimated retail price of $319, the same as its predecessor,
Windows NT 4 Workstation. An upgrade from Windows NT will cost
$149, the current price to move from Windows 95 to NT, the company
said yesterday in a briefing.”

“Customers looking to upgrade from Windows 95 or 98–both
consumer operating systems–will pay $219. Microsoft previously
offered no consumer upgrade, forcing customers to pay full price
for Windows NT….”

There is no question they can price themselves out of that
market, which would easily look to alternative [operating systems],
like Linux and Unix,” according to Aberdeen analyst James

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