GFS and High Performance Networked Storage in Linux

Thanks to Matthew
for this link.

The University of Minnesota and the NASA Ames Mass Storage group
are having a workshop on Linux-based storage systems on March 5-6
in Mountain View, California.

The Global File System is an open source shared disk file system
for storage area networks.

“… new interfaces like Fibre Channel and new storage
appliances are making storage systems increasingly
network-oriented. Open systems for network attached storage require
that the file system be non-proprietary.”

“An open, published file system metadata standard that operates
across multiple platforms and exploits network attached storage is
needed. Given the application demands and torrent of new network
storage technologies and devices that are coming, we may not be
able to rely on vendors to meet all our needs in the file systems
they build. Like the Internet, open source UNIX has the potential
to encourage the adoption of simple, open protocols in storage