InfoWorld: ADIC’s shared file system to extend SANs to Linux

“U.S. STORAGE VENDOR Advanced Digital Information (ADIC) is
adding support for the Linux operating system in its shared file
system CentraVision, the company announced today. The move means
that users of Linux servers will be able to use SANs (storage area
networks) to share applications data with users of Unix and Windows
NT servers.”

“CentraVision enables a variety of workstations and servers to
share data from a common central disk via a SAN. This process is
faster and easier to manage than it is to deal with traditional
file systems which allow users to share files by duplicating the
data and moving it from server to server in a network, Whitner
said. CentraVision allows users to see the data as if it’s a file
native to the OS they are running, be it Windows NT, Irix, or
Linux, he added.”

“The first way that customers are using CentraVision is for
sharing large visual file applications, for example, when a group
of people are collaborating on creating digital effects for motion
pictures, where one frame of video can contain 50MB to 100MB of
data, Whitner said. CentraVision also is being used for satellite
weather forecasting…”

“However, the file sharing system really should take off in
the Web hosting market…”

“Support for Linux is key in the Web-hosting arena where,
analysts estimate, about 30 percent of the hosting already is being
carried out by Linux servers…”

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