LinuxPR: Eagerly Anticipated SAN DataDirector, Industry’s First SANappliance…

“DataDirect Networks, Inc., a leader in SAN network
infrastructure solutions, today is releasing the SAN
DataDirectorTM, the world’s first storage area network
(SAN) appliance. The SAN DataDirector is an intelligent network
infrastructure device incorporating the functionality of next
generation SANs into a single integrated, reliable, plug and play
that makes it easier to build and manage a SAN.”

“The SAN DataDirector brings extremely high levels of fault
tolerance, high-bandwidth performance and strong management
capabilities in a small footprint appliance device that offers a
wide range of competitive features and Total Cost of Ownership
(TCO) benefits for e-enabled uses involving everything from
streaming media to e-commerce and Internet-based B2B and B2C

“The SAN DataDirector is the result of a multi-year effort to bring
high-bandwidth, highly fault tolerant access to shared storage
resources while providing intelligent centralized data and network
management in a single device. The SAN DataDirector enables
Internet IT professionals to quickly deploy and scale a managed,
high-bandwidth SAN as a “next generation” data access
infrastructure. The SAN DataDirector provides a reliable,
consolidated and easy way for Internet companies to migrate to SAN
with all the functionality needed to deploy a fully operational,
centrally managed Storage Area Network. The SAN DataDirector will
either co-exist with — or can completely upgrade — the network
and storage systems currently employed by streaming media and
e-commerce companies, providing maximum flexibility while
drastically reducing TCO.”