LinuxPR: LAND-5 Introduces iCEbox StoragePod Plus

“LAND-5 Corporation today extended its penetration of the
enterprise storage market with the announcement of a new high-end
network attached storage system, the iCEbox(TM) StoragePod
Plus(TM). Offering over 10 terabytes of high performance network
RAID storage, the StoragePod Plus is designed expressly for
mission-critical environments. Providing transparent file access by
Linux, UNIX and Windows NT clients, the iCEbox StoragePod Plus can
be installed in minutes without disrupting existing network

“A streamlined Linux NAS distribution, iceNAS(TM), enables
client accessibility to both SMB and NFS files in native format
with full locking implementations.
RAID levels 0,1,0+1, 4 and
5 are supported, as are enterprise level functions such as Network
Information Services, NT services, volumes and shares, quotas,
support for multiple spares and local or remote network backup.
Dynamic RAID storage management is available through a
user-friendly Internet browser interface.”