LinuxPR: ThinkFree.com Welcomes 30 Inaugural Partners Into New ThinkFree Partner Program

“ThinkFree.com, a leader in Web-based office productivity
solutions, today unveiled the ThinkFree Partner Program and
announced that it is partnering with 30 companies.”

“The new partners span a wide-range of technologies and
markets including the Linux/UNIX marketplaces as well as the
Web-based software, hardware and services arenas.
The 30
companies, under terms of the agreement, have entered into a
reciprocal marketing arrangement, which will allow them to promote
ThinkFree.com’s services to their customers. In-turn, ThinkFree.com
will promote services and products provided by these partners to
ThinkFree.com users. As part of the first phase of their
participation in this rapidly growing ThinkFree Partner Program,
each of the partner companies will also market to their customers
ThinkFree.com’s first service, ThinkFree Office.”

“Free to users, ThinkFree Office is a full suite of
Microsoft Office-compatible solutions
, including a word
processor, spreadsheet and presentation graphics applications, as
well as on-line file storage. Developed from the ground-up in Java,
ThinkFree Office is optimized for the Web. Its patent-pending
architecture supports dial-up, broadband and even off-line use of
its applications.”