PRNewswire: PowerQuest Adds Support for Windows 2000 Professional, Linux in Drive Image 3.0

“PowerQuest(R) Corp., a leader in storage device management
software, announces Drive Image(R) 3.0 with support for Windows
2000 Professional, Linux Ext2 and Linux SWAP file systems. The new
version also includes support for large hard drives and faster

“Drive Image 3.0 allows users to create image files of entire
hard drives or individual partitions of their drives. Images can be
stored on a removable drive, secondary hard drive or a different
partition until needed for data restoration or migration to a new
drive. The software is also used to perform full system backups for
disaster recovery.”

“Drive Image 3.0 creates image files for FAT, FAT32, NTFS,
Linux Ext2, Linux SWAP, and HPFS file systems and has the ability
to hide, unhide, delete, or set active disk partitions.
features are used when working with systems containing multiple
partitions and operating systems. They provide the power to
configure systems without having to exit Drive Image 3.0 and run
other utilities.”

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