PRNewswire: Young Minds, Inc. Adds Linux Support for Entire Product Line of CD-R and DVD-R Systems

“Young Minds, Inc. (YMi) of Redlands, California announced today
that its entire product line of CD-Recordable and DVD-Recordable
solutions are now available for Linux operating systems at or above
the 2.2.10 kernel level. Young Minds has always supported a wide
array of Unix platforms, as well as Windows NT. With this
additional platform support, Young Minds now provides the widest
variety of scalable disc storage solutions that can be implemented
at any point and on virtually any platform within the
This allows IT professionals the broadest range of
options when incorporating CD-R and DVD-R capabilities into their

“Young Minds’ products now available for Linux include CD
Studio, MPS4, and DVD Studio (now in Beta testing). The addition of
Linux support further extends the portability, upgradeability and
utility of Young Minds’ CD-R and DVD-R solutions. These systems
were already available for most Unix implementations from major
hardware and software vendors, including Sun, HP, IBM, SGI, Unisys,
NCR, QNX, SCO, Compaq//Digital, and Data General.”

“All Young Minds’ CD-R and DVD-R products feature a unique
controller-based design that simplifies installation,
configuration, and operation with Linux workstations and servers by
eliminating the need for custom drivers. The controller-based
design also allows network-access from Unix, Linux, and Windows NT
workstations / servers. Since the controller isolates the CD/DVD
recorder from the workstation/server sending data for recording, it
ensures the integrity of the recorded disc.”

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