Who Will Lead Us Out of Storage Limbo?

[ Thanks to Amy Newman for this link.

“Developing storage technology I think requires an ecosystem of
technology, requirements and people who have a vision and have the
freedom to innovate. I also think that funding research provides
the basis of much of this innovation. Given the economic situation
during the past few years, the storage industry has not seen much
new technology coming out from the storage vendors. For the most
part, the U.S. government has not spent significant funding on
storage research in about a decade, but it has funded other areas,
such as FPGAs, memory and other computational technologies. I am
not sure that without research funding the lead and the pace of
innovation that has occurred in the United States is sustainable;
nor am I sure that another nation has the wherewithal to address
the end-to-end storage stack.

“So where does that leave us? I am beginning to believe we are
left in storage limbo, where what is new is not significant
innovation in the end-to-end development of storage. Progress does
not happen just because of requirements. You need the people and
the tools, ideas and money.”

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