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Tiny 1% Linux = Big Microsoft Terror

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I don't believe that the desktop Linux market share is barely 1%. I think it is a lot higher. I have no good data to share; I base my assessment on experience and knowing the industry. There is something else that is even more persuasive, and that is how Microsoft behaves. If Linux is so insignificant, why do they pay so much attention to it? Like this new ASUS/Windows Eee PC "It's Better With Windows" ad campaign:

It's Better With Windows

"Windows helps you quickly and easily get online and connect to your devices and services-- without dealing with an unfamiliar environment or major compatibility issues."

Watch the videos, they're pretty funny. Notice the carefully-ethnic Leave It to Beaver family, with stressed-out dad off to workaholic-ville all the time, while perfect housewife and children visit absent Dad via Windows Live Messenger. They even go to the beach without him. (Dad has forgotten how to shave or wash, which may be why they don't let him come home.)

The ads are pretty good, which means they must have been produced by Asus because Microsoft has never ever been able to produce a decent ad campaign. (I had nightmares over those pervy guys in big blue butterfly suits invading people's homes; that was beyond creepy.) The last one is unintentionally hilarious because it hypes "Windows Family Safety." Dad gets to be the hero here; he is actually home, though still unshaven and wrinkled, and he gets to protect young son from Internet evils with Family Safety From Windows Live One-Care. All Dad has to do is click some checkboxes, and son is safe. Hurrah!

Trusted. Familiar. Compatible. Quite true, since the Eee PC is running XP. I guess they won't say things like "Antiquated. Your familiar, friendly viruses and worms, and all the performance defects you've become accustomed to. For all of our billions we can't advance beyond an eight-year old operating system, or fix the darned thing."

It's a direct shot at Linux, so I guess that little bitty one percent is a bigger one percent than it's given credit for.

Some have questioned if these ads are legitimate, and claim they are satire or a hoax. ASUS links to them, so they're for real.


Is it better with Windows?

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