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IT Salaries Projected to Rise in 2010

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This article by David Needle, Slight Increase in IT Salaries a Ray of Hope is a much-needed bit of encouragement. He writes:

"Computer Economics found that IT organizations plan to increase operational budgets by a median of 1.8 percent in 2010, and that more than a third are planning to increase staff, restoring some of the positions shed over the past two years."

I know that for a lot of my friends, the best news is the part about hiring more staff. They've been over-stretched for a long time now, trying to do too much work with too few staff. The prospect of having a saner work schedule is going to make a lot of people happier. Having a sane work schedule is difficult enough, as tech culture seems to view that with disdain, and would rather say silly slogans like "Work smarter, not harder!" and "Don't let your work drive your life, let your life drive your work!" Which are code for "We own you."

Keep in mind there are wage and hour laws, and in most states they have real teeth. Salaried workers are protected too, and any expectation of massive unpaid overtime for salaried workers is most likely outside the law.

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