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April 2010 Archives

The game of giving Microsoft a free pass on security flaws continues, despite the rapid growth of the world wide botnet and more Windows exploits roaming the planet than ever.

100 potential attacks per second blocked in 2009 fails to mention Windows, though it names various individual malwares such as Conficker, Hydraq, Sality.AE virus, the Brisv Trojan and the SillyFDC worm. It doesn't even use their full names: W32.Sality.AE, W32.SillyFDC, W32.downadup (Conficker). W32 is "Windows 32-bit."

It fails to identify vulnerable "PDF viewers" as Adobe Reader, and does not differentiate browser exploits by platform. The #1 unanswered security question from users is do Firefox exploits affect non-Windows users? I have yet to get a good answer to this.

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