32BitsOnline: It’s the Games, stupid!

“Linux is one of the most powerful forces shaping the computing
world today. It provides the foundation for numerous firewalls,
mail servers, switches, and even a few thin clients. Yet, even as
the operating system’s popularity as a server begins to wax, one
must wonder how successful it will be in the crucial desktop

“To survive as a general-purpose desktop platform, a system must
provide the applications expected by the consumer, not just the
services necessary for business. These applications must work well,
be affordable, and provide a consistent interface. Fortunately,
Linux offers a number of powerful tools that satisfy these

“Fortunately, things change. Even though Windows and the
Macintosh lead in commercial investment, Linux has an incredible
level of grass roots support and increasing commercial
In fact, if one were to consider the number of
amateur game programmers working alongside commercial game houses,
the ratio of developers to users would be astronomical.”

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