32BitsOnline: Proprietary Software

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“Warning. The following is a rant, and as such, represents
an extremely biased opinion.”
— Rob Bos

“Over a period of three months, Microsoft Corporation made 73
cents per share in profit, for a total of approximately two billion
dollars US . That might not surprise most people.. Microsoft has a
huge net worth. The clincher, however, is the fact that that 2
billion dollars was made on a gross of about 5 billion

“Two billion dollars of profit on a five billion gross.”

“Forty percent profit.”

“Microsoft is just one example of a rot, a disease that pervades
the software industry. Scores of companies are constantly competing
for their little niches, hoping to obtain their own little
monopolies to leverage and take on other sectors of the
marketplace. Microsoft is not the disease, it is the symptom of a
corrupt and diseased industry…”

Rob Bos’s rant