32BitsOnline: Review of Partition Magic 5

“The essential part of any computer is the hard disk, the place
where you store file after file of important data. More
specifically, you save your data to a partition on your hard drive,
a section of the hard disk that has been formatted with a specific
file system, be it NTFS, ext2, or FAT32.”

“Partitioning. It is a word that most computer users have heard
at one time or another, both in good and bad circumstances. In days
past, partitioning your hard drive was something of a
cryptic/magical feat that was often much harder than it needed to
be. Thanks to PowerQuest Software’s Partition Magic series of
products, the pain and mystery of partitioning a hard drive has
been reduced. Their most recent offering, Partition Magic 5.0, is a
strong step forward in making disk management more user-friendly. I
have been a user of partition magic since 3.x, and have always
found it to be a good product….”

One very good thing Partition Magic does when you make a
new partition is that you are asked what the partition will be used
for, data storage or to install a new OS.
If the partition
will be used for data, then Partition Magic will create the new
partition within a Logical partition; if the partition will be used
to install a new OS, then Partition Magic will create the partition
as a primary partition. This is a highly useful feature, saving you
the headache of accidently having too many primary partitions on
your hard drive. As well, you can choose where, physically, on the
drive the partition will go: Either at the end or the beginning of
the free space.”

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