32BitsOnline: To be OSS, or not to be OSS, that is the question.

“Am I advocating proprietary software on an open platform? Does
this mean that I am speaking out of both sides of my mouth?” In a
word, yes, I am. This article aims at explaining my bi-directional

“Proprietary software has it’s place. Some software requires a
unique group of people to support it that would not be able to make
a living unless they charged prices for the product in

“It is not the only way to make money on something, as the OSS
software model is demonstrating. But to assume that the OSS
software model is the only way, or the way of all future software
is probably a bit naive.”

“Lack of real competition has brought us where we are today. A
lot of technologists have remarked that the worst possible solution
has become the de-facto “computing standard” …”

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