AbiWord 0.9.6 (“We Love the Internet”) Released

[ Thanks to Martin Sevior for this
link. ]

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As usual, this log records all changes made between 0.9.5 and 0.9.6. Not all of these changes will be visible in the final binary.
Jeremy Davis

Fix for incorrect number of colors declared in an icon, which broke the build.
Francis Franklin

Big-endian deutsch dictionary.

Little-endian latin dictionary.

Rewrite of glib and gtk+ detection in abi and wv.

Build fix for wv.

Patch for building rpms.

Patch to allow Abi to build against installed versions of wv, rather than the peer library.

Work on making automake build plugins.

Build fixes in abi and libiconv for non-Win32.

Fixes to make Abi build on FreeBSD.

Added test case for plugins.

Work on plugin building.

Fix build for bz2 plugin.
Tomas Frydrych

Bi-directional bug fixes.

Fixes to the way font path is set.

Locale and Unix font docs.

Bug fixes in image import.
Alan Horkan

16x16 icon for Enlightenment.
Dom Lachowicz

Plugin to read OpenWriter documents. Very basic at the moment.

Reorganised plugin directory to make it easier to handle.
Gediminas Paulauskas

Lithuanian translation update.
Michael D. Pritchett

Build system for bz2 plugin on Win32.
Rui Miguel Seabra

New rpm spec.
Martin Sevior

Preferences now in alphabetical order in preferences file.

Added preference to turn off auto-load of plugins.

Plugin allowing Abi to load any image format recognised by gdk-pixbuf.
Jesper Skov

Fix a spelling error in the Danish translation.

Fixed an assertion in the squiggles code.

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