Alan Cox: Linux kernel 2.4.2-ac12

Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 21:01:23 +0000 (GMT)
From: Alan Cox alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
To: kernel@linuxtoday.com
Subject: Linux 2.4.2ac12


o       Move the pci_enable_device for cardbus          (David Hinds)
o       Add Sony MSC-U01N to the unusual devices        (Marcel Holtmann)
o       Final smc-mca fixups - should now work          (James Bottomley)
o       Document kernel string/mem* functions           (Tim Waugh)
        | and I added a memcpy warning
o       Update VIA IDE driver to 3.21                   (Vojtech Pavlik)
        |No UDMA66 on 82c686, fix /proc and udma on
        |686b, fix dma disables
o       Allow sleeping in ctrl-alt-del callbacks        (Andrew Morton)
        |Fix i2o, dac960, watchdog, gdth hangs on exit
o       Fix binfmt_misc (and make the proc handling     (Al Viro)
        |a filesystem -
        |mount -t binfmt_misc none /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc
o       Update the ACI support for sound/radio stuff    (Robert Siemer)
o       Add RDS support to miroRadio                    (Robert Siemer)
o       Remove serverworks handling. The BIOS is our    (me)
        best (and right now only) hope for that chip
o       Tune the vm behavioru a bit more                (Mike Galbraith)
o       Update PAS16 documentation                      (Thomas Molina)
o       Reiserfs tools recommended are now 0d not 0b    (Steven Cole)
o       Wan driver small fixes                          (Jeff Garzik)
o       Net driver fixes for 3c503, 3c509, 3c515,       (Jeff Garzik)
        8139too, de4x5, defxx, dgrs, dmfe, eth16i,
        ewrk3, natsemi, ni5010, pci-skeleton, rcpci45,
        sis900, sk_g16, smc-ultra, sundance, tlan,
        via-rhine, winbond-840, yellowfin, wavelan_cs
o       Trim 3K off the aha1542 driver size     (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Trim 1K off qlogicfas                   (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Fix openfirmware/mm boot on ppc                 (Cort Dougan)
o       Fix topdir handling in Makefile                 (Keith Owens)
o       Minor fusion driver updates                     (Steve Ralston)
o       Merge Etrax cris updates                        (Bjorn Wesen)
o       Clgen fb copyright update                       (Jeff Garzik)
o       AGP linkage fix                                 (Jeff Garzik)
o       Update visor driver to work with minijam        (Arnim Laeuger)
o       Fix a usb devio return code                     (Dan Streetman)
o       Resync a few other net device changes with the
        submits Jeff sent to Linus                      (Jeff Garzik)
o       Add missing md export symbol                    (Mohammad Haque)

o       Fix NLS Config.in                               (David Weinehall)
o       Sort out one escaped revert from the megaraid   (me)
o       Resync with Linux 2.4.3pre1
        | Except tulip the network driver changes have
        | been used to replace the existing ones
o       Fix parport case where a reader could get stuck (Tim Waugh)
o       Add ALi15x3 to the list of isa dma hangs        (Angelo Di Filippo)
o       Fix nasty bug in IPX routing of netbios frames  (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Misc code cleanups                              (Keith Owens)
o       Updated 3c527 driver                            (Richard Proctor)
o       Further tulip updates                           (Jeff Garzik)
o       i810_rng fixes (FIPS test, regions)             (Jeff Garzik)
o       Further cs89x0 cleanups                         (Andrew Morton)
o       Further USB hub updates                         (Dave Brownell)
o       Mall USB resource cleanup                       (Jeff Garzik)
o       Resync hp100 changes from Jeff Garzik           (Jeff Garzik)
o       PCI documentation update                        (Tim Waugh)
o       Fix irda crash                                  (Jean Tourrilhes)
o       PPC updates                                     (Cort Dougan)
o       Resync dmfe, hamachi, pci-skeleton and winbond  (Jeff Garzik)

o       Add ZF-Logic watchdog driver                    (Fernando Fuganti)
o       Add devfs support to USB printers               (Mark McClelland)
o       Fix baud rate handling on keyspan               (Paul Mackerras)
o       USB documentation update                        (Dave Brownell)
o       Fix disconnect leak                             (Randy Dunlap)
o       ARM constants/fixes                             (Russell King)
o       Includes for integrator ARM architecture        (Russell King)
o       Update NLS descriptions to be clearer           (Pablo Saratxaga)
o       Add iso-8859-13 (latvian/lithuanian)            (Pablo Saratxaga)
        iso-8859-4, cp1251 (windows cyrillic), cp1255
        (windows hebrew), and some alises
o       Merge 1.14 Megaraid driver                      (Venkatesh Ramamurthy)
o       Reapply other fixes this version dropped        (me)
o       Reformat and clean up ifdefs in 1.14 Megaraid   (me)
o       I/O apnic locking fixes                         (Maciej Rozycki)
o       Print ioapic id to help debugging               (Maciej Rozycki)
o       Make the tpqic driver work                      (Hugh Dickins)
o       USB scanner updates                             (David Nelson)
o       Fix usbdevfs multimount                         (Al Viro)
o       Fix wrong calculation of path buffer size       (Hugh Dickins)
o       cs89x0 allocated far too much memory            (Hugh Dickins)

o       misc device fix (ps/2 and drm are now back)     (Tachino Nobuhiro)
        | Believe it or not my main test box used no misc
        | device files..
o       Radeon build without 8bit                       (Cha Young-Ho)
o       Fix oops in scc driver                          (Andrew Morton)
o       Add __setup for ISAPnP, update docs             (Jaroslav Kysela)
o       Update E820 table sanitizer                     (Brian Moyle)
o       i810 audio updates/mmap fixes                   (Doug Ledford)
o       Be paranoid about VIA chipset configurations    (Arjan van de Ven)
        | Fixing VIA disk corruption bugs take 2
o       Fix PPC request_irq problems, some fpu emu      (Cort Dougan)
        and timers
o       Allow scsi drivers to limit request sizes       (Jens Axboe,
        (and fixed by Tim)                               Tim Waugh)
o       Configure.help cleanups                         (Steve Cole)
o       Loop device fix of the day                      (Jens Axboe)
o       CDROM fixes                                     (Jens Axboe)
o       Reiserfs crash on fsync of dir fix      (Alexander Zarochentcev)

o       Fix loop over loop crash                        (Jens Axboe)
o       Fix radeon build problems                       (ISHIKAWA Mutsumi)
o       Stop two people claiming the same misc dev id   (Philipp Rumpf)
o       capable not suser on sx.c                       (Rob Radez)
o       Fix an ixj build combination bug        (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Add integrator to ARM machines                  (Russell King)
o       ARM include/constant cleanups                   (Russell King)
o       Update ARM vmlinuz.in                           (Russell King)
o       ARM i2c fixes                                   (Russell King)
o       ARM scsi updates                                (Russell King)
o       ARM header updates                              (Russell King)
o       Handle E820 bios returns with overlaps          (Brian Moyle)
o       Fix a sparc64 include build bug         (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Loop race fix                                   (Jens Axboe)
o       s_maxbytes wasnt set for old style compat       (Chris Dukes)
        mounts in reiserfs
o       Fix the fact we dont see all busses on some     (Don Dupuis)
        Compaq machines
o       Fix missing watchdog configure.help             (Fernando Fuganti)
o       Fix oom deadlock (hopefully)                    (Rik van Riel)
o       Fix binfmt_aout sign handling bug               (Andrew Morton)

o       Fusion driver updates                           (Steve Ralston)
o       Olympic fix                                     (Andrew Morton)
o       Work around hardware bug in older Rage128       (Gareth Hughes)
o       Handle broken PIV MP tables with a NULL ioapic
o       Use capable in esp serial driver                (Rob Radez)
o       Use capable not suser in console                (Rob Radez)
o       Small networking fixups                         (Dave Miller)
o       Fix make menuconfig breakage                    (Keith Owens)
o       Enable cmpxchg8 on Rise P6                      (Dave Jones)
o       Fix wakeup losses on cpu_allowed using tasks    (Manfred Spraul)
o       Maestro3 now works with > 256Mb of ram          (Zach Brown)
o       Opl3sa2 isapnp=0 handling was wrong             (Jérôme Augé)
        | I've fixed it a little differently however
o       Turn off slow kmem chain check if not doing     (Ingo Molnar, me)
        slab debugging
o       Fix cpu speed checking code                     (Mikael Pettersson)
o       Make bus computation more accurate              (me)
o       Advantech watchdog driver                       (Marek Michalkiewicz)
o       dz.c serial clean up                            (Rob Radez)
o       Fix MSG_TRUNC for OOB TCP                       (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fix oops on unconfigured loop                   (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Drop nbd ll_rw_blk change                       (Linus has spoken ;))
o       pci resource api                                (Jeff Garzik)
o       Further Natsemi updates                         (Don Becker, 
                                                         Jeff Garzik)
o       Switch aurora serial to capable()               (Rob Radez)
o       Radeon frame buffer                             (Ani Joshi)

o       Remove incorrect modules doc changes            (Keith Owens)
o       Fix elf.h defines                               (Keith Owens)
o       Add 0x2B mtrr decode for intel/cyrix III        (me)
o       Make bigmem balancing somewhat saner            (Mark Hemment)
o       Update irda                                     (Dag Brattli)
o       New FIR dongle support                          (Dag Brattli)
o       3ware driver updates                            (Adam Radford)
o       Further reiserfs tail conversion fixes          (Chris Mason)
o       Fix tpqic02 to use capable                      (Rob Radez)
o       Set last_rx on comtrol hostess driver           (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Raid Oops fix                                   (Neil Brown)
o       Fix last_rx/skb refs on cyc_x25                 (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Fix last_rx/skb refs on 3c589                   (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Highmem fixes for deadlock                      (Andrea Arcangeli,
                                                         Ingo Molnar)
o       Another minor tulip fix                         (Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix hinote and maybe other ps/aux hangs         (me, Mark Clegg)
o       Fix resource handling on 53c7xxx                (Rasmus Andersen)
o       Fix scsi_register failure handling on AMD scsi  (Rasmus Andersen)
o       Fix resource handling on aha1740                (Rasmus Andersen)
o       Fix resource handling on blz1230                (Rasmus Andersen)
o       Fix resource handling for dec_esp driver        (Rasmus Andersen)
o       Fix resource handling for fastlane scsi         (Rasmus Andersen)
o       Fix scsi_register failure on qlogic_fas         (Rasmus Andersen)
o       Fix scsi_register failure on qlogicfc           (Rasmus Andersen)
o       Fix irq alloc failure leak on sun3x_esp         (Rasmus Andersen)
o       Fix wd7000 init failures                        (Rasmus Andersen)
o       Fix nbd device                                  (Steve Whitehouse)
o       Fix try_atomic_semop                            (Manfred Spraul)
o       Parport fixes                                   (Tim Waugh)
o       Starfire start/stop if fix                      (Ion Badulescu)
o       Fix raw.c off by one bug                        (Tigran Aivazian)
o       USB hub kmalloc wrong size corruption fix       (Peter Zaitcev)

o       Add Epson 1240U scanners to usb scanner         (Joel Becker)
o       Fix eth= compatibility                          (Andrew Morton)
        | Should fix 3c509 problems for one
o       Add Pnp table to opl3sa2                        (Bill Nottingham)
o       Update loop driver fixes                        (Jens Axboe, Andrea
                                                         Arcangeli, Al Viro)
o       Fix busy loop in usb storage                    (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Add cardbus support to olympic                  (Mike Phillips)
o       Make BUG() configurable to save space           (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Add configurability to most kernel debugging    (various people)
        functions on x86
o       Richard Günther/binfmt_misc page move           (Richard Günther)
o       Fix de4x5 crash                                 (Nikita Schmidt)
o       Hopefully fix the smc-mca driver                (me)
o       Don't run the disk queue if we didnt launder    (Marcelo Tosatti)
        any pages
o       ALi 6 channel audio and sp/dif updates          (Matt Wu)
o       Fix USB thread wakeup scheduling                (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Fix alignment problems with uni16_to_x8         (Ivan Kokshaysky)

o       Fix Make xconfig failure                        (J Magallon)
o       Fix a typo in the ISDN docs                     (Jim Freeman)
o       Fix the 3ware driver a bit more                 (Ben LaHaise)
        | should now be usable
o       Update Dave Jones contact info                  (Dave Jones)
o       Revert wavelan inline->macro change             (Jean Tourillhes)
        | CVS gcc and 2.96-74 don't accidentally unline it now
o       Zerocopy TCP/IP patches                         (Dave Miller,
                                                         Alexey Kuznetsov,
                                                         and many more)
o       Fix up command line options to old ncr driver   (Martin Storsjö)
o       NFS locking should call fs layer locking if     (Brian Dixon)
o       Fix cs46xx wakeup/poll problem                  (David Huggins-Daines)
o       Add some missing MTD config help texts          (Steven Cole,
                                                         David Woodhouse)
o       Fix Alpha build bug                             (Sven Koch)
o       Final i386/ptrace bit
o       Finish off the vmalloc/WP fixup                 (me)
o       Include file config.h fixes                     (Niels Jensen)
o       More dscc4 updates                              (Francois Romieu)

o       Add documentation for the fb interfaces         (Brad Douglas)
o       Work around apic disable_irq hardware bugs      (Maciej Rozycki)
o       Rage128 not "Rage 128"                          (Brad Douglas)
o       Make ioremap debugging conditional              (J Magallon)
o       Merge Ninja pcmcia scsi driver                  (YOKOTA Hiroshi)
o       Update 8139too docs                             (Jeff Garzik)
o       Tulip updates, merge bits from 0.92             (Jeff Garzik,
                                                         Don Becker)
o       Epic100 update                                  (Jeff Garzik)
o       Clen up Ariadne driver                          (Jeff Garzik)
o       Remove dead wavelan prototype                   (Jeff Garzik)
o       Remove unused arlan variable                    (Jeff Garzik)
o       Clean up lance public symbols                   (Jeff Garzik)
o       Switch fmv18x to spinlocks, fix other bits      (Jeff Garzik)
o       Clean up acenic global symbols                  (Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix IDE blocking kmalloc with irqs off          (Arjan van de Ven)
        | I've redone the code a bit so it might be wrong again 8)

o       Merge the loop device fixes                     (Jens Axboe)
o       Fix af_unix SYSCTL=n build failure              (Russell King)
o       Adjust the throttling point for write           (Jens Axboe)
o       Fix sunhme ioremap                              (Andrey Panin)
o       Fix disk change handling with removable sd      (Alex Davis)
o       Update/fix irq docs                             (Matthew Wilcox)
o       Update PPC gmac and ncr885e drivers             (Cort Dougan)
        | bmac patch dropped as it loses other fixes
o       Kai Petzke has moved                            (Kai Petzke)
o       Fix starfire driver so pump doesnt kill it      (Ion Badulescu)

o       Merge Linus 2.4.2 tree
        | We now have disagreeing ymfpci fixes. I've kept the ones
        | I tested for now.
o       Back out sr.c change                            (me)
o       Fix moxa smartio driver                         (Tom Mraz)
o       Hugh Blemings change of address                 (Hugh Blemings)
o       Allow more i2o config time for slow calls
o       Aty128fb updates                                (Brad Douglas,
                                                      Benjamin Herrenschmidt,
                                                         Michel Danzer,
                                                         Andreas Hundt)
o       Add "loop" name to the root dev names           (Barry Nathan)
o       Further spelling cleanups                       (Dag Wieers)
o       Remove bogus warning emissions from aha1740     (Nick Holloway)
o       Remove surplus assignment in vmalloc            (Francis Galiegue)
o       Remove unneeded ifdef in i386/kernel/irq.c      (Francis Galiegue)
o       Add door locking ioctl to ide-floppy            (Francis Galiegue)
o       Allow scsi disk opening O_NDELAY for removables (me)
o       Fix cosa compile warnings                       (me)
o       Clean up dumpable/setuid write ordering         (me)
o       Hopefully fix the 3ware crashes                 (me)

Alan Cox alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Red Hat Kernel Hacker
& Linux 2.2 Maintainer                        Brainbench MVP for TCP/IP
http://www.linux.org.uk/diary                 http://www.brainbench.com

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