Alan Cox releases kernel 2.1.131ac11

Alan Cox posted to

Roll up, roll up its 2.1.131ac11 time. A big pile of merges for
drivers and several fixes. I think the 8390 SMP problem is now
mostly nailed. As I’ve been working on merging the driver stuff I’m
well behind on the configuration fixing work. Thats all stacked up
as is some stuff I need to feed past other people (ie bits of the
kernel I dont understand).



Differences between 2.1.131ac10 and 2.1.131ac11

  • Further vfs cleanups (Alexander Viro)
  • Colour Quickcam update (Phil Blundell)
  • Wanrouter config fixes (Several people)
  • Changes updates (Chris Ricker)
  • Further VIA DMA work arounds (Ed Schlunder)
  • Reverted the MAD16 PnP patch as it plays up some other
  • Roadrunner and Acenic updates (Jes Sorensen)
  • Documentation updates (Phil Blundell, Russell King)
  • ACard driver for 2.1.x (Acard, forward port by Krzysztof G.
    Baranowski) | Can people with ACard boards test this.
  • AMI MegaRAID driver (AMI/Dell)
  • IRDA updates (Dag)
  • 8390 SMP corruption fix (Eugene Kuznetsov)
  • KNFSD dynamic readahead caches (G. Allen Morris III)
  • AMD name corrections (Jauder Ho)
  • SLHC compile time fix (Arjan)
  • Masq updates (Juanjo)
  • EPIC driver updates (Donald Becker)

Differences between 2.1.131ac9 and 2.1.131ac10

  • VFS rmdir fix (Mike Galbraith)
  • Make xconfig might now work again
  • More on NFS caching/locking (Jamie Lokier)
  • AIC7xxx driver update (Doug Ledford)
  • Alpha performance counters (Phillip Ezolt)

Differences between 2.1.131ac8 and 2.1.131ac9

  • Multiple APICs automatically trigger apic disable (me)
  • VFS fixes (Alexander Viro)
  • Document new ip sysctl (Tristan.Greaves)
  • AMD CPUID fix (Philipp Rumpf)
  • IPX NCP acceleration patch as 2.0.x (Unknown)
  • Fix various suser()->cap_net_admin() (me)
  • Config.help update for AEDSP (Riccardo)
*       If you use an old version of patch you MUST also do
*       rm arch/i386/lib/checksum.[co] otherwise you will
*       get a failed build.

Differences between 2.1.131ac7 and 2.1.131ac8

  • IRDA update (Dag)
  • MCA 53c9x update (Tymm)
  • Some misc cleanups (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz) | not all
  • Parport cleanp/update (Tim Waugh)
  • Digiboard PCI sign bug (HoraPe)
  • CheckConfig cleanups (Nils Jensen)
  • ip checksum is egcs friendly (Bernd Schmidt)
  • A few more of Arjan’s compile fixes (Arjan)
  • NFS writeback fixes (Trond)
  • Shared memory compatibility glitch with libc5 (me) | Also stuck
    in the DIPC used constants so we dont borrow them | by
  • Posix locking bugs (Jamie Lokier)
  • VM go faster stripes (Stephen Tweedie)

Differences between 2.1.131ac6 and 2.1.131ac7

  • Forward ported the Multitech ISI driver to 2.1.x (me)
  • VFAT rename fix (Alexander Viro)
  • Makefile fix for misc modules only (Nick Holloway)
  • Small swapping fix (Stephen Tweedie)
  • Masq fix (Juanjo)
  • Config cleanups (Riley, me, others)
  • 3c509 registers its IRQ by device name as do other net devs
    (Joeri van Dooren)
  • Fix warning in init.c (Nils Jensen)
  • SCSI disk fixed bug when using certain numbers of drives
  • Initio SCSI driver (Initio & Bas Vermeulen)
  • RCPCI45 driver forward ported (me)

Differences between 2.1.131ac5 and 2.1.131ac6

  • config.in fixes for irda/KERNELD->KMOD (Niels Jensen)
  • Opti 924 sound driver improvements (Torsten Duwe)
  • COSA driver update (Yenya)
  • SMP deadlock (Amnon Shiloh)
  • Missing lock; on btrl for scheduler (Ingo Molnar)
  • Memory check is now done after parsing user line, also MB not
    Mb (assorted pedants)
  • Updated ipchains url (Rusty)
  • Incorrect printk in NCR5380 driver (Mark Cooke)
  • More compile configuration fixes (Arjan/me)

Differences between 2.1.131ac4 and 2.1.131ac5

  • IRDA merge (Dag) | For those wondering ‘feature freeze’, you’ll
    note that the | actual kernel impact of these patches on the
    existing code is | 3 lines. Two of which are #ifdef and
  • Assorted compile fixes – especially for Alpha (various)
  • Further rmdir cleanups (Alexander Viro)
  • VM updates (Rik,Stephen)
  • IDE reset/assorted timer wrap fixes (Jens Axboe)
  • knfsd cache handling bug fix (David Mansfield)
  • Masq update (Juanjo)
  • Message queues can be bigger and are tunable via /proc (Peeter
    Joot) | Note – this has libc compatibility issues but only if you
    set the | queue sizes bigger than 64K. So the as shipped kernel is
    back | compatible. (if its not shout now)
  • Moved some PCI ethernet drivers into the PCI section
  • ps/aux preprocessor tweak
  • Extra SMC card added to pci defs
  • Another bunch of compile combination fixes from Arjan (not all
    he sent are in but most)
  • CONFIG_SMP (Michael Chastain)

Differences between 2.1.131ac3 and 2.1.131ac4

  • AIC7xxx fix (indirectly Doug Ledford)
  • ad1816 sound update (Thorsten Knabe)
  • MAXMEM used is displayed if limited (Ingo)
  • Missing/extra restore flag/cli stuff cleaned up (Oleg
  • Const cleanups for parport (Tim Waugh)
  • Serial double setup crash fix (Ted Tso)
  • Some netsyms changes for more compiles (Arjan/Me)
  • Config.h fixes (Niels Jensen)
  • tunelp location correction (Andrea Arcangeli)
  • nbd mods to start getting md over nbd workable (Pavel)
  • Some ide-scsi drivers do have LUN’s – reverse the patch for
    that pending a better way to spot multilun ide
  • Alpha lock definiton fix when SMP=1
  • NCR MCA motherboard NCR539C94 SCSI support (Tym)

Differences between 2.1.131ac2 and 2.1.131ac3

  • There is a boot option “noapic” for booting SMP machines that
    the IO APIC code doesnt work on. All IRQ’s end up on CPU0 ala 2.0
    if this is set (Tigran Aivazian)
  • COSA bug fix (Yenya)
  • IDE drivers in ide-scsi have but one LUN (Dave Woodhouse)
  • Multisound updates (Andrew Veliath)
  • 8390 deadlock fix (me)
  • Updated bttv documentation slightly (me)
  • Unixware disk slices (Krzysztof G. Baranowski)
  • ARM merge (Russ King)
  • Kernel NFSD fixes (assorted)
  • Big file handle sets done right (Bill Hawes, Stephen
  • Updated DECnet project URL (Steve Whitehouse)
  • Fix for MTU problems in the z85230 driver. (me)
  • Sound could blow up when fed negative sizes. (Oleg Drokin)

Differences between 2.1.131 and 2.1.131ac2

  • Current egcs assembler fixes (partially complete)
  • More time wrap fixes
  • Better CPU detection
  • SYS5 IPC cleanup
  • SYS5 shared memory size configurable
  • OpenBSD partitions
  • setuid directory bits not reset wrongly
  • Bridge has a nice /proc
  • Support for big file arrays (will be replaced by a nice
    solution from Bill Hawes/Stephen Tweedie next time)
  • Sysctl can tune rtsignal queues
  • Bogus icmp reporting is sysctl controllable
  • IPX networking autobinds.
  • Minor sunrpc fixes
  • make checkhelp
  • AVL tree for programs with large numbers of VMAs (eg
  • More configurations actually compile (not all Arjans stuff is
    done yet)
  • TDA9580 support in the tv driver
  • 8390 and 3c509 drivers are more SMP safe (bug in 8390 see
  • 8390 based cards dont crash on unload (ne2000/wd etc)
  • 8390 drivers with register maps are typed right (680×0
  • v1.03 EPIC driver (the one Linus hates 8))
  • SMC token ring driver (doesnt work yet)
  • Work around for sound crashes with VIA chipsets
  • Parport doesnt hang on boot probe with a qcam-vc attached
  • SCSI supports IBM PS/2 bus ordering (backward to PC)
  • Updated lance driver
  • Can’t generate files over 2Gig long on vfat/fat
  • ISOfs ident fixes/DVD size handling.
  • Some of the knfsd fixes (hopefully all merged for ac3)
  • SyncPPP mtu bug fix
  • COSA wan card driver (up to dual 10Mbit)
  • AD1816 series sound card support
  • Newer AWE32 driver
  • More modular sound docs (including an update)
  • OPL3SA2 crash bug fixed
  • NoName sound crash bug fix
  • Credit file updates
  • IRQ settable in busmouse/msbusmouse
  • SMP friendly 3c501 driver (sorry had to be done)
--- drivers/net/8390.c~ Thu Dec  3 15:57:49 1998
+++ drivers/net/8390.c  Thu Dec  3 19:34:44 1998
@@ -135,8 +135,8 @@
 extern inline void unlock_8390_page(struct device *dev)
        struct ei_device *ei_local = (struct ei_device *) dev->priv;
-       enable_irq(dev->irq);
+       enable_irq(dev->irq);
 #define lock_8390_page(x)