Alan Cox updates his kernel tree with 2.1.131ac2

From: Alan Cox 
To: [email protected]
Subject: Linux 2.1.131ac2 is up


Now Linus made some suggestions about sort of treating my stuff as the
working thread. Its got some fairly big departures from the Linus tree
so before leaping happily on this if you've not run other -ac stuff just
be aware. It should all be fine (actuall ac2 has a bug - patch at the

I've also updated the job list somewhat and reformatted it - corrections/
submissions appreciated

PS: For the tiny number of people who didnt get the penguin biting comment
remember 'it bites' meaning it sucks is an Americanism. The rest of the
world thought it was funny not that I was being rude about Linus code...



Differences between 2.1.131 and 2.1.131ac2

o       Current egcs assembler fixes (partially complete)
o       More time wrap fixes
o       Better CPU detection
o       SYS5 IPC cleanup
o       SYS5 shared memory size configurable
o       OpenBSD partitions
o       setuid directory bits not reset wrongly
o       Bridge has a nice /proc
o       Support for big file arrays (will be replaced by a nice solution
        from Bill Hawes/Stephen Tweedie next time)
o       Sysctl can tune rtsignal queues
o       Bogus icmp reporting is sysctl controllable
o       IPX networking autobinds.
o       Minor sunrpc fixes
o       make checkhelp
o       AVL tree for programs with large numbers of VMAs (eg netscape/X)
o       More configurations actually compile (not all Arjans stuff is done yet)
o       TDA9580 support in the tv driver
o       8390 and 3c509 drivers are more SMP safe (bug in 8390 see bottom)
o       8390 based cards dont crash on unload (ne2000/wd etc)
o       8390 drivers with register maps are typed right (680x0 stuff)
o       v1.03 EPIC driver (the one Linus hates 8))
o       SMC token ring driver (doesnt work yet)
o       Work around for sound crashes with VIA chipsets
o       Parport doesnt hang on boot probe with a qcam-vc attached
o       SCSI supports IBM PS/2 bus ordering (backward to PC)
o       Updated lance driver
o       Can't generate files over 2Gig long on vfat/fat
o       ISOfs ident fixes/DVD size handling.
o       Some of the knfsd fixes (hopefully all merged for ac3)
o       SyncPPP mtu bug fix
o       COSA wan card driver (up to dual 10Mbit)
o       AD1816 series sound card support
o       Newer AWE32 driver
o       More modular sound docs (including an update)
o       OPL3SA2 crash bug fixed
o       NoName sound crash bug fix
o       Credit file updates
o       IRQ settable in busmouse/msbusmouse
o       SMP friendly 3c501 driver (sorry had to be done)

--- drivers/net/8390.c~ Thu Dec  3 15:57:49 1998
+++ drivers/net/8390.c  Thu Dec  3 19:34:44 1998
@@ -135,8 +135,8 @@
 extern inline void unlock_8390_page(struct device *dev)
        struct ei_device *ei_local = (struct ei_device *) dev->priv;
-       enable_irq(dev->irq);
+       enable_irq(dev->irq);
 #define lock_8390_page(x)