Android vs. iOS: A Developer’s Perspective

“Recent statistics estimate that 300,000 Android devices are
being activated everyday. This increasingly growing number of
Android users is perhaps the biggest motivation to Android app
developers as it provides them with one of the widest markets for
users to access their apps. The steady adoption of Android by
device manufacturers that produce tablet computers, smartphones,
and other gadgets serve as an assurance that the platform is here
to stay and developers can prepare for greener pastures in the near

“As a developer on any platform, you want to develop your
applications at the lowest cost, utilizing free resources as often
as you can. The Android platform, unlike iOS, is an open source
platform and this fact has made developers take a liking to the
Android platform, as compared to the iOS platform. Google develops
Android and the company has taken huge steps in open-sourcing the
technology and knowledge resources developers need to build apps on
their platform. This includes Android documentation, which is very
extensive and exposes developers to nearly everything. Unlike the
iOS documentation that hides important aspects from

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