AppWatch: Sendmail 8.10.0 released

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for this announcement: ]

Version 8.10 represents the largest new feature release in
sendmail’s history.

  • SMTP Authentication, allowing users to use cryptographic
    authentication in SMTP to gain additional privileges, such as
    ability to relay.
  • Performance improvements, including multiple queues,
    memory-buffered pseudo-files, and more control over resolver
  • Support for “message submission agent”, as defined by RFC
  • Ability to connect to servers running on named sockets.
  • Changes to support IPv6.
  • Better LDAP integration and support for LDAP-based
  • Improved support for virtual hosting.
  • Even better anti-spam control features.
  • Several new map classes, including ph, arith, and macro.

Go directly to Sendmail.org
for downloads, or visit AppWatch.com for a synopsis including
all security related fixes.