AvantGo and Puma Technology Join Forces On Open Industry Initiative for Mobile Device / Corporate Enterprise Application

AvantGo and Puma Technology will jointly deliver the Mobile
Application Link development platform based on AvantGo’s open
source code.

The Mobile Application Link initiative will provide application
developers, handheld vendors and cellular device manufacturers with
open source, documentation, and APIs to develop an application
enabling a “network conduit” from the handheld to their own server
application. Developers can then incorporate and compile the Mobile
Application Link code and deliver it as an integrated, finished
product to their customers.

Mobile Application Link component APIs and code being made
available include: Client APIs for Palm OS; source code for Palm
OS; Client APIs for Windows CE; source code for Windows CE; Desktop
Conduit source code for Windows 95, 98 and NT; Server APIs for
Windows NT; and Server APIs and source code for Windows NT,
Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux. The combination of these components
will provide the necessary connectivity infrastructure for
application developers to server-enable their handheld

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