Badsoftware.com special on UCITA

[ Thanks to James Green for this link. ]

“We believe that UCITA will

  • slash consumer rights,
  • reduce competition,
  • introduce unnecessary risks for consumers in electronic
    commerce, and
  • lead to lower quality software.”

“UCITA has been opposed by:

  • Software developers
  • Every consumer advocacy organization that has looked at it
  • Large software customers
  • Librarians
  • Other independent information content developers (writers,
  • Entertainment industry
  • Magazine and newspaper publishers
  • Many lawyers and law professors”

The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) is a
350-page proposed new law. It will govern all contracts for the
development, sale, licensing, maintenance, and support of computer
software, plus most contracts for information (such as books) in
digital form. Vendors of other products that contain software, such
as computers, can also bring their products within the scope of
UCITA, rather than Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code, a law
that is much friendlier to consumers and small businesses.

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