Blender 2.5 Lighting and Rendering

[ Thanks to Naheed
for this link. ]

“Getting the right files

“Before we get started, we need a scene to work with. There are
three scenes provided for our use—an outdoor scene, an indoor
scene, and a hybrid scene that incorporates elements that are found
both inside as well as outside. All these files can be downloaded
from http://www.cgshark.com/lightingand-rendering/

“The file we are going to use for this scene is called
exterior.blend. This scene contains a tricycle, which we will light
as if it were a product being promoted for a company.

“To download the files for this tutorial, visit
http://www.cgshark.com/lighting-and-rendering/ and select

“Blender render settings

“In computer graphics, a two-dimensional image is created from
three-dimensional data through a computational process known as
rendering. It’s important to understand how to customize Blender’s
internal renderer settings to produce a final result that’s
optimized for our project, be it a single image or a full-length
film. With the settings Blender provides us, we can set frame rates
for animation, image quality, image resolution, and many other
essential parts needed to produce that optimized final result.”