Bodhi Linux is Blossoming

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link. ]

“Not even three months ago Bodhi Linux was nothing more
than a thought in my mind. Today Bodhi is a thriving young project.
If you have visited our team page lately or seen our news posts
then you know our small team has been steadily growing.

“We are happy to welcome four new members to our team.

* Mark Strawser (ottermaton) is taking charge of Bodhi
documentation and our get software page.
* Agustin Verdegal (Agust) is the one responsible for all of the
wonderful Enlightenment themes for Bodhi.
* Chris Bolton (chris-kun) is going to head building an Arch Linux
based live CD in Bodhi fashion

“I am also especially pleased to welcome Christopher Michael
(devilhorns) to our team. Christopher has been working with the
Enlightenment development team for nearly ten years. He is working
hand in hand with the Bodhi team and community to get any issues
that occur with the desktop corrected ASAP. He will also be coding
some new things that will allow Bodhi to provide a better desktop
experience for everyone.”

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