Book Review: Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python, 2nd Edition by Al Sweigart

“The best recommendation I can give for this book is simply
this: just a few days after I gave a copy to my 13-year-old son for
his birthday, and without any more intervention from me, he showed
me his first completed game program.It was a simple numbers
guessing game — the first major exercise from this
book. Since then, he’s been following along and
tinkering with Python. The book has kept him motivated and built up
his confidence in his own skills, which is a tricky thing to
achieve (something I’ve tried myself with mixed

“The book is written with younger readers in mind, although it
appears quite readable for adults learning the language as well.
All of the examples are games of one kind or another
— starting out with text games and ending with some
basic sprite-based graphics games using PyGame. This Second Edition
has been updated for Python 3.1.”

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