Building a Test Platform in the Cloud with Open Source Technologies

“Cloud computing, which aims to provide easy, scalable access to
computing resources and IT services on demand, offers new
possibilities for testing. A cloud-based test platform delivers
automated scaling — up or down — of testing infrastructure, which
overcomes many challenges of traditional test environments.

“A traditional test environment usually is a scaled-down copy of
the production environment. Setting one up requires a lot of time
and effort because the setup process includes arduous tasks such as
procuring the right hardware infrastructure (including an app
server, database server, Web server, etc.) and installing the
required software (such as the application, database, testing
tools, and monitoring tools if needed).

“This tutorial explains how we set up a test platform in the
cloud using various open source technologies. You can use it as a
guide for setting up your own cloud-based test platform.”

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