Building Custom Kernels for Linux Plug Computers

“Little Linux plug computers come ready-to-use. But they’re
still Linux, which means hackable. Today we learn how to build a
custom kernel for a plug computer.

“Plug computers, covered in part 1 and part 2, are meant to be
usable out of the box. You can write scripts for them in languages
like Python, Perl or sh, or run services like Apache.

“But what if you need to do more? What if you need to build a
custom kernel?

“You can install gcc and other build tools on the plug itself,
and build a kernel there, but it takes forever. You’ll be much
happier cross-compiling kernels on your fast desktop Linux

“Get a compiler

“Strangely, the ARM v.5 cross-compiler isn’t available in many
distros (two exceptions are Gentoo and NetBSD). The “armel” tools
on Ubuntu only support ARM v.7 and greater. So you may need to go


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