BW: Compaq Offers…Developers Free Web Trials of its 64-bit Alpha and 32-bit ProLiant Platforms

“Reinforcing its commitment to supporting application
development on Compaq’s platforms, Compaq…today announced the
Compaq Solutions Alliance (CSA) New Technologies Test Drive

“The New Technologies Test Drive website is the industry’s first
program that enables software developers and system integrators to
“test drive” not only Compaq’s industry-leading 64-bit Alpha server
and industry-leading 32-bit ProLiant server technology, but also
other exciting technologies such as Linux and Java online for

The New Technologies Test Drive program allows visitors
worldwide the opportunity to sample flavors of Linux, work with
Compaq’s beta Fortran and beta C for Alpha Linux, or Tru64 UNIX V
In addition, visitors can sample the power and efficiency
of OpenVMS Galaxy, which allows multiple instances of the operating
system to run on the same computer.”

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