BW: Computron Software Announces LINUX Support

“Computron Software… today announced that it will broaden its
availability of platforms to include support for LINUX.”

“‘During 1998 and 1999, approximately 30% of Computron’s
licenses involved NT-based solutions,’ said Computron president and
CEO John Rade, ‘In 1996, Computron had zero revenue from NT-based
systems. We believe that LINUX has the same potential for rapid
growth during the next few years. Forrester Research estimates that
LINUX is now used in almost one third of all Web servers on the
Internet. We believe that broadening Computron’s platform support
to include LINUX will significantly increase the size of our
potential market and give our customers a very powerful platform to
fully leverage Computron’s e-Cellerator(TM) technology-based
product lines.'”

“The e-Cellerator technology-based products enable the
transparent flow of knowledge and automation of business processes,
including powerful rules-based `self-service’ capabilities and
tools to assist in reconciling information discrepancies.

Computron’s e-Cellerator technology-based products consist of three
product families — AXSPoint(TM) solutions, TransAXS(TM) solutions
and Professional Service Automation (PSA) solutions.”

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