BW: Halcyon Software, Inc. Announces Instant Installer Available as Open Source Software

“Halcyon Software, Inc. today endorsed the Open Source
Initiative’s efforts by releasing Instant Installer(TM) as an open
source product under the terms of an amended Mozilla Public

“Halcyon’s President and CEO, Don Hsi, noted, “We firmly
believe that Open Source benefits, including faster evolution and
more robust defect analysis, will benefit Halcyon as a company as
well as our entire customer base. We expect that Instant Installer
will be our first of many Open Source releases.

“Halcyon’s Instant Installer lets developers create single-step
installation packages that can be executed on any Java-enabled
platform. Instant Installer is a lightweight, 100% Pure Java
Certified Product, and furthers the commitment of Halcyon Software
to provide simplified cross-platform applications.”

Press Release