BW: IBM Launches $200 Million Linux Initiative In Asia Pacific, Including Linux Development Centers

“IBM today announced major Linux initiatives aimed at speeding
the ability of Asia Pacific customers and key software vendors to
increase productivity within the Linux operating environment.”

“IBM will invest more than $200 million in the Asia Pacific
region within the next four years on seven Linux Development
Centers, Linux Competency Centers, alliances with Linux-focused
business partners, Linux research and development and other
programs, along with rapid deployment of more than 300 specialized
Linux consultants, hardware and software specialists, researchers,
product developers and services professionals.”

As a key part of this initiative, IBM announced that it is
opening a series of Asia Pacific Linux development centers to help
software vendors port their applications to the Linux
These centers will be located in Tokyo, Shanghai,
Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, Bangalore which also supports other ASEAN
countries, and Sydney. Linux developers can get in contact with
these centers and access other Linux resources through the new IBM
Linux website for Asia Pacific (www.ibm.com/linux/ap).”

Press Release