BW: Lynx Delivers HP ChaiVM on BlueCat…

“Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc., today announced delivery of
Hewlett-Packard Company’s (HP) ChaiVM, embedded virtual-machine
technology on Lynx’ BlueCat(TM) Linux operating system (OS).

BlueCat users can now field soft real-time Java applications in a
wide range of products using the Java-compliant embedded virtual
machine from HP.”

“BlueCat offers a fast, interpretive byte code execution and a
Java native interface to bind Java threads to BlueCat pthreads for
deterministic scheduling. BlueCat features a reduced run-time
footprint, as small as 600K, and concurrent, incremental garbage
collection contributing to predictable soft real-time

” ‘HP believes in offering its customers freedom of choice. Chai
and BlueCat are obvious choices for embedded applications today,’
said William Woo, general manager of HP’s Embedded Software
Operation. ‘We believe that Lynx’ BlueCat Linux OS is an excellent
complement to the Chai suite of products, enabling appliance
manufacturers to add further value to their appliances.’ “

Press Release