BW: MSC.Software Offers MSC.Linux Engineering Application CD at National Manufacturing Week

“MSC.Software, the world’s leading developer of simulation
software, today announced that it will be offering complimentary
compact discs containing a limited version of MSC.Nastran on Linux
along with a host of open source utilities, during National
Manufacturing Week at Chicago’s McCormick Center, March 13-17,
2000. Available on a first-come, first-served basis from the
MSC.Software booth No. 822, the CDs will sport programs and
utilities to provide interested engineers with convenient access to
useful tools for the Linux environment.”

“‘National Manufacturing Week is an ideal place for MSC.Software
to provide an engineer with a sampling of the MSC.Nastran for
Linux,’ said Frank Perna Jr., chairman and CEO, MSC.Software Corp.
‘As the Linux market continues to climb, MSC.Software wants to
combine our simulation software with the technical excellence and
price performance benefits of the Linux operating system.'”

“The MSC.Linux Engineering Application CDs will contain a
limited version of MSC.Nastran for Linux as well as open source
tools for Beowulf clusters, de-bugging, imaging, languages,
libraries, mail utilities, networking tools and a limited version
of MSC.Matlib — essentially everything an engineer would need to
be more productive.”

Press release