BW: MyOwnEmpire.com Releases First Linux-Based Meta-Portal

“MyOwnEmpire’s customizable “Start Page” saves people time
as it simultaneously consolidates information by multi-searching
through popular search, auction, job, and shopping sites. Members
can also call an 800 number and listen to their current email

“Linux and MyOwnEmpire are very parallel,” said Bob Haya,
and chief executive officer at MyOwnEmpire.com. “Linux
is hoping to create a new software empire owned by the thousands of
people that contribute value. MyOwnEmpire wants to create a new
business empire owned by members who create value by using a site
that consolidates information and e-mail from other sites people
already love.”

“In addition, like Linux, Haya said, “MyOwnEmpire is ‘going
against the establishment.’ Other companies trade their stock for
money to pay for advertising. MyOwnEmpire would rather use that
same stock to benefit the consumer directly. By contrast,
MyOwnEmpire gives members a huge stake in the company along with
cool features that should create real value.”

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