BW: Shenzhen Government Officials Visit Bluepoint Linux Headquarters

“Bluepoint Linux Software announced that Hao Lee, one of the
architects of the Chinese economic reform, visited Bluepoint Linux
headquarters in support of the company.”

“He was accompanied by Li Zhou, chief of the Shenzhen
Information Bureau, and a team of other government officials. Over
the last 10 years, Lee has been chiefly responsible for the
transformation of Shenzhen into a large modern city with a thriving
Special Economic Zone.”

“Zhou stated, “We expect the success of Bluepoint Linux in China
to have significant impact on the new (Linux) sector.” Zhou went on
to say: “The Shenzhen Authority plans to support the use of
Bluepoint Linux in its computer network projects. We will take the
lead in training government officials to use the new Bluepoint
Linux software.

Press Release