BW: Tridia Releases Linux Version of its Remote Control Software, DoubleVision(R)

“Tridia Corporation today announced the release of its
industry-leading remote control software, DoubleVision(R), for the
popular Linux operating system. This introduces reliable remote
control capabilities to the ever-growing number of Linux users

“Standard telnet connections only allow the user to run
applications. DoubleVision, however, allows a user (remote) to take
control of another user (host) and have full access to its screen
and keyboard. Once attached, the remote screen looks like the
screen of the host terminal, and the remote keyboard operates the
host. With DoubleVision, a remote user can also control the system
console, performing many vital system administration functions
without traveling on site. Connection to the host user can be made
via serial connection, modem, network, or Internet. DoubleVision is
used to provide technical support, training, product demos, and
user productivity monitoring, all from remote locations.”

“Tridia is proud to provide its key remote control product,
DoubleVision, to Linux users, states Mr. Vince Frese, Tridia’s CEO.
“Now the rapidly growing base of Linux users can enjoy the same
benefits of remote control that thousands of UNIX users have
enjoyed for years.”

Press Release