C development on Linux – C and other programming languages – II.

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“Since in our first part of this article we said we expected
you, the reader, to have some programming knowledge, in this part
we want to help you get a on where C stands in comparison to other
programming languages you might know. The choice of those languages
was pretty tough because of various criteria, but in the end we
stopped at C++, Perl and Python. Since programming languages can be
classified in lots of ways (depending on paradigm, syntax or style,
for example), we didn’t try to find languages that are in the same
category as C. Instead, since the aforementioned languages are
pretty popular in the Linux world, we chose them, mentioning what
every language’s place is in the great scheme, what it’s generally
used for and of course, the differences between them and C. This
article will be structured as follows: we’ll start with important
elements of every language, like variable declaration, typing or
structure and compare that with how it’s done with C. Thusly we
hope to give you an idea about the language before we start. The
parts this article is made of will be exactly like the announced
structure of this article, to make comprehension easier. “

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