Canada Computes: The courage to create: an open letter to the gaming industry Part 2

“For a fair assessment, a game for both Linux and Windows would
have to go head to head in stores. The problem is finding Linux
games in stores. Software is increasingly being carried by big
chains and megastores, which are generally only interested in a few
top-volume presold titles.”

“The current hot Windows games are easy to find while I never
found Linux games in retail locations, even when I lived in a

“Until more stores stock Linux games, there is no fair way to
compare. It’ll take a company like WalMart or another huge
chain to start stocking Linux games to really level the playing
field. But before WalMart will do that, they’ll need to see sales
figures that justify adding Linux games to their inventory.

The old Linux chicken-and-egg conundrum.”