CBS MarketWatch: List names Net economy movers

“The list was compiled by the editors of The Industry Standard,
starting with the results of an informal reader poll.

And [some of] the winners (and runners-up) are:

  • Most Influential Investor: Bill Gates, chairman, Microsoft;
    runner-up, David Wetherell Chairman, and CEO, CMGI
  • Most Important Software Developer: Bill Joy, chief
    scientist, Sun Microsystems; runner-up, Linus Torvalds,
    creator of Linux
  • Most Important Hardware Developer: Teiyu Goto, art director,
    Sony Corp.; runner-up, John Rubenstein, senior vice president,
    hardware engineering, Apple Computer
  • Most Important Government Policy Maker: Joel Klein, assistant
    attorney general in charge of the Justice Department’s Antitrust
    Division; runner-up, William Kennard, chairman, Federal
    Communications Commission
  • Most Important Standard Setter: Tim Berners-Lee, director, The
    World Wide Web Consortium, and principal research scientist, the
    MIT Laboratory for Computer Science; runner-up, Marc Andreessen,
    chief technical officer, America Online
  • Most Influential Thinker: Alan Greenspan, chairman,
    the Federal Reserve Board; runner-up, Eric Raymond,
    president, the Open Source Initiative; author