CFS Development Tree Backported

“‘By popular demand, here is release -v22 of the CFS scheduler.
It is a full backport of the latest & greatest sched-devel.git
code to v2.6.23-rc8, v2.6.22.8, v2.6.21.7 and v2.6.20.20,’
announced Ingo Molnar. He added, ‘this is the first time the
development version of the scheduler has been fed back into the
stable backport series, so there’s many changes since v20.5.’ Ingo
went on to explain, ‘even if CFS v20.5 worked well for you, please
try this release too, with a good focus on interactivity
testing–because, unless some major showstopper is found, this
codebase is intended for a v2.6.24 upstream merge…'”