CMP Net: The Changing Face Of Linux

Thanks to Marty for this

“If Linux were a rock band, some early fans would be saying it
had sold out.”

“While and most attendees at LinuxWorld seemed pretty happy
about the operating systems’ spectacular success, some feared the
potentially corrupting influence of money had come back into a
process that had previously been ruled by a love of creating good
software, said some attendees.”

“Indeed, the presence of venture capitalists and other financial
people was the subject of numerous jokes at the show, such as the
one about the guy who was trying to find out the stock ticker
symbol for Linux. The addition of such people changes the way Linux
is presented, said Toby Martin, a marine-systems data technician at
Oregon State University and long-time Linux user. While programmers
love to talk about technical problems and areas that need work,
salesmen tend to gloss these over, he said. Martin said he noticed
this in some of the demonstrations by large companies at the