CNET.com: Linux Starter Kit: 20 Essential Linux Downloads

CNET lists its ‘top 20’ downloads for Linux, from desktops
to office suites to games
–and has them for you to

“So, you took the big leap from Windows to Linux, that hottest
of alternative OSs, and it’s up and running on your PC. But there’s
something missing: killer programs.”

“Sure, any Linux distribution you install is bound to include a
bevy of useful Linux programs, but your search for Linux-compatible
software mustn’t end there. In fact, many of the best Linux
applications don’t come with a distribution; you have to dig them
up yourself on the Net. … Or you can conveniently bypass that
search with our [CNET’s] handy Linux start-up kit.”

The categories, with ‘Editor’s Choice’ selection in each:

  • Internet – Netscape Communicator
  • Multimedia – GIMP
  • Games – Quake III Arena
  • Productivity Apps – WordPerfect
  • Desktop Environments – GNOME

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