CNET News.com: Corel WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux Deluxe

The switch from Windows to Linux just got a whole lot
easier. Not only is Corel Office 2000 for Linux almost identical to
its Windows counterpart, it comes with a free copy of the Corel
Linux distribution, the easiest version of Linux we’ve seen.

Of course, there’s no demo version of the package for you to try
before you buy, so if you want to try something free, go with
StarOffice. Nonetheless, we think Corel Office’s familiar interface
and free OS make it worth the $159 price tag, especially if you’re
new to Linux….”

“WordPerfect for Windows users will feel right at home with
WordPerfect Office for Linux. The suite has a distinctively Windows
look and feel, and even includes fans’ favorite features such as
Reveal Codes, which lets you see and tweak formerly invisible
formatting hidden in your documents. And if you’re used to
Microsoft Word for Windows, you’ll appreciate WordPerfect’s option
of Word-style menus and toolbars (other Linux office suites, such
as Applix’s Applixware and Sun Microsystems’ StarOffice for Linux,
don’t offer this.) Plus, WordPerfect for Linux even saves files in
Microsoft Word format, so it’s easy to share documents with Word
for Windows users.”

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