CNET News.com: Key Mozilla developer moves on

“Mike Shaver, a Canadian who bore the whimsical title
‘international incident,’ headed developer relations and open
source evangelism for Mozilla.org, the AOL-sponsored group
shepherding the open source development of the Communicator Web
browser, acquired last year along with Netscape Communications.
Shaver also was involved with product architecture and some coding

“Shaver succeeded Mozilla founder and open source advocate Jamie
Zawinski, who resigned on the eve of Mozilla’s first anniversary in
April last year.

Zawinski left Mozilla expressing frustration that after a year
of work the project had failed to produce a full-featured, usable
browser. Since Zawinski’s departure, Mozilla has encountered still
more delays, though the project reached a significant milestone
with a relatively complete trial version, dubbed ‘M12,’ last

Shaver said his departure should not be seen as a vote of
no-confidence for Mozilla. He said one of the conditions for
accepting his new job
–at a company he would not name–was
that he could continue his involvement with Mozilla on a part-time

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