CNN: “I Don’t Do Windows” transcript

Thanks to Andrew
for this link.

“HATTORI (voice-over): Bill Gates and his huge Microsoft
monolith don’t scare easily, just ask the Department of Justice.
But the billionaire Harvard dropout has said, even his empire could
fall to the next big idea hatched by some genius in a garage.

BOB YOUNG, LINUX: I’m not an expert — watching Microsoft, but I
do know that so many of my users would prefer to use any product
other than a Microsoft product, if given a choice.

In a way, Bob Young hopes to be the guy in the garage. His
weapon is a software program called Linux, which many computer
developers claim is better and more powerful than Microsoft
Windows. And believe it or not, it’s free.

(on camera): How do you make money doing that?

YOUNG: That’s a $64 question. It’s one of the innovations that
Red Hat has been credited with.”


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