Code Crusader 1.2.1 – Text Editor & UNIX Development Environment

As posted to C.O.L.A.

Code Crusader 1.2.1 is now available.  This release provides improved
printing facilities and fixes a bug in regular expression replacement.

Thanks to the following people for porting Code Crusader:

  LinuxPPC r4    Piotr Muszynski

The binary and source distributions can be downloaded from:


For a really cool debugger, check out Code Medic at




Code Crusader is a free UNIX development environment inspired by Metrowerks
Code Warrior. Currently, it features a text editor, a C++ class browser,
multi-file search and replace, and an interface to UNIX make and the man
pages that cooperate to streamline the process of developing code.
More information about Code Crusader is available at:


To subscribe to the mailing list, send email to:

  mailto:[email protected]

and include "subscribe jcc" in the body of the message.


Code Crusader is free.